7 Reasons Mumbai is Known as ‘The City Of Dreams’


Mumbai is alike to Mayanagri, or “Dreams City,” not just for the people of the Republic of India, except for several of the billion solid country borders behind the well. We’ve got listed the highest reasons why this historic, active town is nothing in need of its epithet.

Mumbai has been an important area in the country since ancient times. The port of Mumbai made it a strategic location for many merchants and merchants to start their careers. Today, this Mayanagri (City of Dreams) has attracted people from all over the world and also numerous international people to its borders.

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Economic hub of Republic of India

Mumbai is not only the richest city in the country but among the richest in the world. it’s wherever the headquarters of multiple monetary establishments ar situated – from the metropolis stock market, Federal Reserve Bank of Republic of India, National stock market, and also the Mint, to Indian business giants like the Tata cluster, Aditya Birla cluster, Essel cluster and Reliance Industries.

Attractive to migrants

As the business capital of the country, Bombay has a lot of charm to anyone in search of labor and higher career prospects. Immigrants from every part of the country move to the city every day in search of a stronger life, so the name “City of Dreams” was invented. In spite of its several slums and appalling extremes in wealth distribution, it’s seen as a town that may reward anyone UN agency is willing to figure arduous.


Bollywood, India’s largest and one in every of the world’s largest film industries is similar with Bombay. the town has consequently established itself because the film capital of Republic of India. it’s wherever several Bollywood storylines ar primarily based, wherever high studios ar situated and wherever the foremost far-famed administrators, producers, actors and crew members live. And so, to the remainder of Republic of India the charm and charm of Bollywood holds true for Bombay further.

This is the birthplace of Indian cinema. The city owns a large movie city with numerous series and props. Dozens of films are produced and developed in the film city. This gave young and talented artists the opportunity to visit Mumbai with the dream of getting their share of the silver screen. This city is not just a movie city. Mumbai has advertising agencies, media agencies, music studios and much more. If you’re visiting Mumbai, you’ll have to take a trip through the movie city to see a few of the scenes filmed, the features and techniques used in the process, and you might even meet a few stars in person. There are also many theaters in the city to get a movie or two.


From the beautiful Bandra-Worli ocean link to the pristine white pilgrim Ali Dargah, Mumbai’s design is complicated, made and exceptional. Marine Drive, whose light-type AN arch resembles a pearl necklace called Queen’s jewelry, and also Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, whose architectural style has been flexibly kept through from more than a century of events to terrorist attacks to freedom fights – all symbolizing the charm of Mumbai for the rest of the country.

Past and future

Mumbai’s dream-like quality has the maximum amount to try and do with its made past because it has with its promising future. whereas the city’s world importance and position grows by the day as Republic of India re-positions its economy globally, it had been a hub of civilization and exchange with alternative nice civilizations even 2000 years past. The beautiful Kanheri Caves, Elephanta Caves ar remnants of an upscale past wherever Bombay fared as a billboard and philosophic hotspot. Even Mumbai’s journey from a scattered cluster of seven historic islands to its current type is nothing in need of dream-like for onlookers from elsewhere within the country.

Culture: This city has a mixed culture, ethnicity and race, allowing people of all faiths to be welcomed. Hundreds of races live in Mumbai without distinction. Thanks to the diversity of this race, people have found numerous opportunities beyond skin color or tone of voice. On the other hand, this cultural diversity has enabled the city to organize many festivals throughout the year. The best time to visit the city to enjoy its true colors is during the festival. The most popular festivals in Mumbai are Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Pooja, Maha Shivratri, Good Friday, Christmas, Moharram Id, Holi and many more.


While individuals don’t amendment in Mumbai simply because of its made culinary art, it’s a very important half to think about once explaining the native life style. the road menu in Mumbai is phenomenal. On the opposite hand, you may realize varied heritage hotels serving ancient food, luxury international-style hotels, specialty hotels and far a lot of. albeit you’re getting to pay a lavish time in Mumbai, you must stop to do the road food of this country. Chicken dart roll, pav bhaji, Vada pav and turnover square measure a number of the most effective dishes you would like to do here.


In this town you may realize wayside dentists, weight checkers, wayside ear cleaners, Dabba-Walla and plenty of a lot of. Here you may realize the foremost dearly-won house within the world, value a billion greenbacks, the Bandra Worli ocean link, the a hundred and fifty klick wide lineation, Dharavi Slummi and far a lot of.

Mumbai may be a land of fascinating parts. If you wish to explore the town, it’s higher to go to the town in winter. Wintertime starts in October and closes in March. Summers dry out and therefore the monsoon is terribly wet and uncomfortable. though the town is lined with hotels and different amenities, it’s higher to book all the services for your vacation before. inward in Mumbai may be a breeze for youngsters, because the town is that the third best international airdrome within the world, connecting the town to the majority national airports and plenty of vital international business and tourer destinations.

Historic Value

Any city that has made tremendous progress would naturally lose its historical elements. However, this city has managed to keep its rich 2000-year past intact, even though the city is growing globally. The main historical attractions of the city are the Elephanta Caves, Kanheri Caves and others. The city also has numerous museums that emphasize the city’s history and heritage.

The main museums in Mumbai are the RBI Money Museum, Dr.Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum, East India Museum, Gandhi Museum and many more.

City of firsts

From India’s 1st 5 star edifice, the Taj Mahal Palace, to the country’s 1st pic screening – by the Lumiere Brothers in 1896 – Bombay has been home to several ‘firsts’ and ‘premieres’ within the country. The subcontinent’s 1st train ran in Bombay from the currently defunct Bori Bunder station to Thane in 1853, and also the country’s 1st civil aviation aerodrome opened at Juhu in 1928 – showing however Bombay holds promise of innovation on the far side that of the other Indian town.

Arts and recreation capital

Mumbai is not just the country’s film capital. A majority of the city’s leading ad agencies, media firms, tv studios, music production firms and cultural movements ar targeted here. a number of the city’s premier art establishments as well as the legendary Jehangir Arts Gallery that has vie a very important role within the country’s fashionable movement, are all situated here.