bread packet sanitizing


What is sanitization?????

Sanitization is a process of cleaning certain area or surface in such a manner so that it is made bacteria-free and elementally clean all types of microbes and viruses that can infect the human body and cause different kinds of diseases.

How Frequently You Need to Sanitize the Touching Surfaces? 

This is one of the most obvious questions that could come to your mind. What should be the frequency at which surface top must be sanitized? Well, it is impractical to think that the surface tops can be sanitized every time before they are touched. But, if you need disinfect it every day, then it is cleaning and not sanitizing. The sanitization effect should last for 90 days. More frequent sanitizing can damage the surface tops as the cleaning and the sanitizing agents can have corrosive effects on the surface tops.

Should I re-heat my bread?

Bread is baked at a high temperature during preparation, which eliminates viruses. Bakers, like other food professionals, are very aware of hygiene rules (regular hand washing and/or wearing gloves when serving, bread placed in bags, etc.). The risk of virus transmission is negligible under these conditions, so there is no need to re-heat your bread.

How to sanitize bread packet ???

In some cases, washing the surface may not be easy. Try emptying the contents in an appropriate container or storage box. Bread can be put in a bread box.

  • Pulses and other such items, can also be transferred to containers, after the packet has been wiped clean with soap and water.
  • Wash your hands before touching the contents in a packet, while transferring it to a container.
  • Dispose all packets in the dustbin and ensure that the dustbin is nowhere in reach of children.