Can Narendra Modi become lifetime prime minister of India?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 70 today. As Prime Minister for six years, Narendra Mod has been credited with implementing long-awaited reforms in the country. Here is a list of Prime Minister Mod’s five achievements and some of the challenges his government faces.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 70 today. He is the only non-congressional prime minister to have won two consecutive majorities in the Lok Sabha election.

As Prime Minister for six years, Narendra Mod has been credited with implementing long-awaited reforms in the country. With four years to go for another term, his government also faces many challenges.

First, we list five of PM Mod’s achievements over the past six years.


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was planned for 17 years before it became a major tax reform in 2017. Due to complex tax laws, India has long been considered a business-friendly country.

The GST took into account 17 existing indirect taxes to make it easy for the business world to comply with tax laws. The introduction of the GST at a special parliamentary session three years ago remains the main highlight of the Mod government.

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The link between failed businesses and the resulting banking illnesses has long been seen as a challenge for growth and policy-making. In 2016, the Mod government passed the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) Act. The law was amended for the second time earlier this year to make it more realistic.

It is described as a silver ball to solve India’s chronic problem of non-performing assets. Banks have begun to recover debts that were previously considered irreversible.


Although it originated from the Manmohan Singh government’s Nirmal Gram mission – the Ministry of Rural Development led by Raghuvansh Prasad Singh – the Swachh Bharati campaign is one of the Modi government’s greatest socio-political achievements.

Prime Minister Mod’s personal impetus in his speeches on the Red Fort Wall and television events has added a new dimension to Swachh Bharati’s campaign. He is the first prime minister to successfully communicate to the public that cleanliness is directly linked to their health and economic well-being.

Swachh Bharati’s campaign to build toilets, which aimed to make India an open defecation-free (ODF) state, played an important role in the Mod government’s majority vote back in power.


Another highlight of the government over the past six years, and what played an equal political role in bringing Narendra Mod back to the PMO, in addition to the toilet scheme, is the free distribution of liquefied gas cylinders.

This was done through Ujjwala Yojana, where women in villages receive one free connection of a liquefied gas cylinder per household. The scheme has been so popular that at the end of the last budget tax it exceeded the target – an 8-kroon LPG connection.

Official figures show that Ujjwala Yojana’s total domestic LNG connections will increase by more than 70 percent.


The Modi government met the long-standing demands of the BJP, the party leading the NDA government, at the center. These include the abolition of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370, the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya – Prime Minister Modi led the groundbreaking ceremony following the Supreme Court ruling, the abolition of the triple talaq – a step largely promoted in the Unified Civil Code.

However, Prime Minister Modi faces many other challenges during his second term at the PMO.


The Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world. India is currently the country most affected, not by the total number of confirmed cases, but by the world’s largest coverage area.

The pandemic is spreading to more and more villages in a country where there are no medical facilities. The death toll has risen, with India recording the Covid-19 due to the world’s maximum daily.

Health experts have warned that the situation with Covid-19 is unlikely to change any time soon. This is the biggest immediate challenge for Prime Minister Mod and his government.


Prime Minister Modi came to power in 2014 with the promise of “achchhe din” (better days ahead). In the early years of his term, India saw rapid growth in gross domestic product (GDP). However, for the last two years or more, the economy has been facing a slowdown.

The economic slowdown turned into the first contraction in several decades due to the situation in Covid-19. The Mod government needs money to fund health and social care programs. This money can only come from corporate income or taxes.

The closure of Covid-19 closed all businesses and kicked people out of jobs. Now the government has promised to open almost all business. But there are manpower problems, and when manpower is available, Covid-19 cases are shot.

This is a Catch-22 situation for the Mod government. Economic recovery requires people to work and start businesses, but still want people to stay home and help turn the Covid-19 curve.


Lack of job creation has been an area where the Mod government has received much criticism. Even as GDP growth jumped, economic observers called it unemployment.

The government allegedly withheld a study that brought the unemployment rate to a 42-year high before the 2019 Lok Sabha election. The Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent closure have exacerbated the unemployment situation. This is still the biggest headache for Prime Minister Mod, as it affects not only the economy but also his policies.


China had always been a challenge for India, but in the past it refrained from establishing itself so blatantly at the borders. This left the previous central governments – post-Nehru – as the biggest foreign policy challenge to deal with Pakistan.

Now the Chinese challenge is over the Mod government. China poses challenges to India at borders, in the neighborhood and also in potential markets for Indian companies. The challenge of the border is immediate.

Indian and Chinese soldiers are at several points of friction along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The situation in eastern Ladakh is particularly worrying. Soldiers died in physical combat for the first time in decades. The shots have been there again for the first time in several decades.

Diplomacy did not (yet) seem to have worked differently from 2017, when Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping offered a promise of a new era of friendship. China is Prime Minister Mod’s biggest international or foreign policy challenge.


PM Modi is the BJP’s largest election-winning insurance company. His party awaits the election of a prime minister in the second term of prime minister Mod. The Bihar Assembly elections are on the doorstep.

The BJP is in power in the country with the JDU led by Niti Kumar. Although Prime Minister Mod and Nitish Kumari have a controversial political past, they buried it in 2017. The Bihar Assembly elections are the first poll in a country where a modernity couple would like to vote for re-election.

The next and biggest domestic challenge for Prime Minister Mod would be the West Bengal Assembly elections in April-May next year. Bengal has been a long-awaited country for the BJP. Modi-mania seen in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections gives the BJP hope that PM Mod’s election invitation will help him win the status of his ideologue Syama Prasad Mookerjee.

However, the biggest political challenge facing Prime Minister Modi in his second term is the 2022 elections to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. These elections could also decide who the future BJP prime ministerial candidate is.

Prime Minister Modi will turn 74 in 2024 when the next Lok Sabha elections take place. By 2022, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic may be over, and post-Covid-19 policies may offer a completely different political equation for both PM Modi and the state.

Will Narendra Mod become Prime Minister of India again? Should Narendra Mod become the Prime Minister of India again?

Only one word is different on these two issues. But that will change the whole debate on the 17th Lok Sabha’s ongoing elections.

The answer to the first question lies in the collective decision of the electorate in 29 states and seven trade union territories. Whatever the decision of the electorate, all parties must agree, provided that no monumental fraud is revealed. The judgment will be announced on May 23. Therefore, I do not intend to discuss the first question. Let us leave this to the polls and the sefologists, bearing in mind that they also have very different assessments, some of which are so-called sponsored.

But every Indian should vote after serious thought on the second question – should Narendra Mod become the Prime Minister of India again? When all relevant facts and factors are considered, the answer is a resounding “NO”!

The significant and axiomatic reality is that Modi is not attempting a mandate for himself or the BJP for the first time. The people of India had given him a decisive victory five years ago, based on their own assessment of the promises and the general situation in the country at the time. Therefore, it is up to each voter, especially those who voted for the BJP, to re-evaluate Mod, not on the basis of his future promises, but on the basis of his benchmark since 2014.

The test of true democracy is how gradual (conscious) voters are. This is what Priyanka Gandhi said in her maiden address after becoming Secretary General of Congress on March 12 in Gandhinagar. Your awareness is a weapon, your voice is a weapon … Only you can defend the country. “

An impartial report on the activities of the Mod government indisputably concludes that its failures and betrayals outweigh its achievements and positive initiatives. I am not the one to say that Modi’s term as prime minister is completely lacking in success and commendable action. To make such a statement would be an insult to Indian democracy, apart from the propaganda sound. Since 1947, every Indian government has, to a greater or lesser extent, benefited from and relied on the good work of its predecessor.

Nevertheless, it is indisputable that Modi and his government have failed to deliver on most of their promises in 2014. Their performance falls far short of the very high expectations that Modi himself had raised with his high decibel campaign before the 2014 elections. On two crucial issues that concern the majority of voters – creating enough jobs for young people and alleviating the plight of farmers – the performance of his government is sharp. Why should they vote for him again?

Without being used to think seriously about policies in terms of their long-term consequences, and without being interested in patient and sustained stages of implementation, Mod did not misunderstand his desire to govern.


Two examples are enough. His boldest decision was to demonetize high-value currency banknotes in November 2016. This put all sections of society in unimaginable difficulties. The poor and the middle class suffered the most, keeping their meager savings only in currency. Mod’s failure killed more than 100 people. Can the Prime Minister say two and a half years later how demonetisation has benefited the people or the national economy? Has his high claim about the black money attack on which he based his decision been fulfilled? The reality is quite the opposite. There is more cash in the economy today than before. Modi claimed that demonetization would destroy terrorism, drug abuse, human trafficking and the underworld. Has not subsequent events violated his claim?

That is why people all over the country are asking: what exactly did demonetisation achieve? They are also puzzled that neither Modi nor his party members will say a word about it in their election campaign. Many of them give Rahul Gandhi a receptive ear when he says, “Demonization is the greatest deception of independent India.” If people smell something fishy and scandalous about the most important economic decision of Mod’s first term, why should they vote for him again?


Modi has to go for three more important reasons. Firstly, India has never seen such blatant attempts to abuse and degrade democratic institutions as in the last five years. The big media has been muzzled and turned into laptops by Mod, his government and the party. The selective and coercive actions of opponents of the BJP have become an agenda. If Modi gets a new term, there is a real risk that he will try to violate the constitutional order. Even in the ongoing poll, we have seen the Prime Minister desperately trying to reap the electoral benefits of our armed forces. If his attempts remain unchecked, what will happen to male neutrality in our uniform?

Two, never before, the ruling party has made such a blatant attempt to free Indian Muslims from power and make them live in fear, causing them outrage, as Modi and his supporters have done since 2014. The prime minister and other BJP leaders have come to terms with the silence of innocent Muslims lynching the crowd. At the underground level, Sangh Parivar staff has sought to transform anti-Pakistani sentiment in our society. All this is being done in a well-calculated way to create a Hindu voting bank large enough to secure Mod’s second term.

Finally, no party in India’s independence has sought to divide our society between patriots and anti-ethnic groups, as Modi and his followers have done. Amazingly, our arrogant and ignorant prime minister has tried to portray Congress as proponents of Pakistan and terrorists. He seems to believe that the Indian people have forgotten the martyrdom of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, who both fell victim to anti-Indian terrorists. The situation has become so toxic that even the BJP’s own patriarch, LK Advani, considered it necessary to implicitly reprimand Mod, saying that political opponents should not be despised as “enemies” and “anti-ethnic”.

With all this in mind, India’s serial voters should know that the second term in Modis will pave the way for further attacks not only on the idea of ​​India, but also on the idea of ​​democracy in India. Before the darkness recedes, it is time for voters to say: Mod must go!

(Writer was Assistant to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee at PMO)


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