How can I bring my sugar down naturally ? 18 Easy Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Hey there are you looking for how to control sugar naturally? Then you are right place. The level of glucose present in the human blood is known as Blood sugar Level. Glucose means sugar in your blood and It comes from the food you we eat.If the blood sugar levels are too high is leads to a disease called Diabetes. If any one have diabetes, they have to keep track of their blood sugar level regularly and maintain under the target range.There are 15 ways to reduce your blood sugar levels naturally:

18 Easy Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

1. Regular Exercise:

Doing regular Exercise can helps to reduce blood sugar levels. Exercises like brisk walking, running, Swimming etc can increase the insulin level in our blood, which helps to reduce the sugar level.

2. Control Your carbohydrate intake:

Reduce and maintain the eating of carbohydrate foods and processed foods which can helps to control the blood sugar level. Instead of carbohydrate, we can intake whole grains, fruits, vegetables etc.

3. Increase Your Fiber food:

Fiber foods plays a major role in keeping the blood sugar levels steady but all fiber rich foods are not treated equally. There are two types of Fibers Dietary fiber: Fiber is commonly found in plant foods, like vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds etc. which are natural fiber. This is the best foods to control the blood sugar. Functional fiber: Fiber that is extracted from whole grains, then it has been added to processed foods. It is not that much good to lower the sugar level.

4. Drink plenty of Water:  

To reduce the high blood sugar to normal then we have to drink plenty of water which had a lower risk on blood sugar. Drinking water frequently can make the body to Stay Hydrated. But should not drink too many sugar rich soft drinks or sugar rich juices, It should be avoided. it never helps us to control the blood sugar.

5. Implement Portion Control

To start implementing the Portion control, we have to follow some important tips which are never use the large plates and have to use only smaller plates for food intake which helps us to server little,we have to avoid all restaurant foods and we have to Eat slowly by chewing the food properly. By following this it helps us to regulate calorie intake and it leads to gradual weight loss.

7. Control Stress Levels

Stress can also affect the blood sugar levels in our body. In the human blood, we have 2 major the Hormones called glucagon and cortisol, which are secreted during stress. These hormones cause blood sugar levels to high. To control stress, we have to do Proper Exercise, relaxation and meditation like yoga, which is used to lowered blood sugar levels also.

8. Foods With a Low Glycemic Index

Try to eat the low glycemic index foods, which is used to maintain the blood sugar level for long-term. It includes seafood, meat, eggs, oats, barley, beans, lentils, legumes, sweet potatoes, corn, yams, and non-starchy vegetables. etc

9. Check Your Blood Sugar Levels

Check Your Blood Sugar Levels frequently keep tracking and monitoring of the blood glucose levels frequently, it can also help you control blood sugar level. It helps you to identify whether you need to make any adjustments in foods or medications.

10. Get Enough Quality Sleep:

We have to get the good quantity and quality of sleep every night. Poor sleeping and a lack of rest affect the growth of the hormones and promote to increase the body weight. It also affects the blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity.

11. Intake of Chromium and Magnesium rich foods:

We have to take foods which are rich in chromium and magnesium on a regular basis. It will help us to prevent from deficiencies and reduce blood sugar problems.Foods like egg yolks, whole-grain, cereals, coffee, nuts, green beans, broccoli and meat etc are Chromium-rich foods.Foods like dark leafy greens, whole grains, fish, dark chocolate, bananas, avocados and beans etc are Magnesium-rich foods 

11.Eat Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are also considered one of the safest herbs to control blood sugar. We can intake 2–5 grams of Fenugreek seeds per day. It can be added to our daily diet.Fenugreek seeds helps to control the blood sugar levels which are soluble fiber.

12.Reduce Weight:

Keeping a healthy weight and maintain normal blood sugar levels helps to decrease risk of diabetes. One best way to control blood sugar is to maintain the healthy diet. Usually our body slowly absorbs the foods and drinks that we consume every time. In order to reduce the risk of diabetes, the body weight has to be under control, it works much better than the meditation.

13. Spread out your meals.

We should not take a huge meal at once in a day, at the same time, we should not take small meals to save for the huge dinner. In order to stabilize ur blood sugar level, we should not follow fasting and should not miss or skip your meals. So we have to follow guidelines provided by a doctor or nutritionist.

14.Avoid drinking Alcohol:

In order to control the blood sugar level, the drinking of Alcohol should be avoided. Because Alcohol contain added sugars which will increase the glucose levels in the blood, and it dehydrates the body.

15.Avoid smoking:

To control the blood sugar level stable, we have to quit smoking, because nicotine in tobacco promotes insulin sensitivity. It not only affects the blood sugar, it also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems.

16. Use natural sweeteners:

we can use the Natural sweeteners instead of sugar.Natural sweeteners are raw honey, coconut sugar, balsamic vinegar, dates etc. These sweeteners are loaded with natural minerals. These sweeteners are available naturally and it can be easily digestible and it helps in maintaining the diabetes.

17. probiotics Intake:

Probiotics can help to improve the metabolism which helps to reduce the blood sugar levels, insulin levels and glucose level. This helps to prevents inflammation, and improves glycaemic control and control the blood pressure control.

18.  Avoid caffeinated drinks: 

Try to avoid high energy drinks /caffeine drinks. It can be harmful for the health. So we are used to prefer Tea. Here we are few types of Tea, they are  Green  Tea, Black Tea, Ginger Tea etc, The most benefited one is the Green Tea.Now a days Diabetes is a common disease which can’t be cured but it can be controlled by following the above ways. Diabetes has been measured by the glucose level in the blood. In order to maintain the glucose levels in the blood, we need insulin that has to be produced by pancreas in the stomach. The insufficient production of Insulin cause the diabetes. the insulin secretion has be affected by the poor health, weight gain, stress and not following the proper diet. the above mentioned are the easy ways that can lower the blood sugar levels naturally.

Every one have to check with the doctor or the nutritionist, before we start following the diet for the blood sugar. if you are diabetic or having high blood sugar, then we must start doing the above mentioned easy ways, as soon as possible in order to reduce the blood sugar level or glucose level in your blood