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The web portal Common Service Center (CSC) includes the necessary information about the CSC functions, structure, eligibility and qualification to participate in the CSC. On this website you will also find important information on CSC as well as details on CSC centers with Village Level CSC Center Owners/Entrepreneurs (VLE) with VLE ID, address and phone number.

Introduction to CSC

Part of the National E-Governance Plan (Common Service Center Scheme) is being launched by the government to bring G2C (Government to Citizen) and B2C (Business to Citizens) services to the doorstep of citizens under Bharat Nirman. This program will fund 100,000 Common Service Centers in rural areas and 10,000 CSC in Urban India. One of the main goals of CSC is to provide high quality and affordable e-governance services to citizens in various fields.

Properties of CSC

The scheme is implemented in the PPP framework. Some of the features of CSC services are:

Focus on rural entrepreneurship.

Providing services to the private sector.

Multi Dimensions Initiative, d. H. Based on community needs

Building rural capacities and livelihoods

Positioned as a change agent for various government and non-government services

One-stop solution for various G2C and B2C services.

One CSC will cover the group of 6 villages, that is 6,00,000 networked villages.

Structure of CSC – The PPP model will be based on a 3-level structure:

State Designed Authority (SDA): The State Government will appoint the SDA. He will be responsible for managing the implementation of CSC services across the state.

Service Center Agency – SCA, the owner of the CSC, configures the CSC and selects the Common Service Center locations. It promotes CSC in rural areas through promotional campaigns at the state or local level. SCA will be responsible for the 500-1000 CSC division.

Village Level Entrepreneur: The Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is the CSC operator. 6 villages are covered by a VLE.

How to start a common service center?

To set up a common service center, learn about the online process to apply for the CSC Center here.

Services provided by CSC – Various services like passport, insurance, E-Nagrik and electronic district services like birth / death certificate, pension services, NIOS registration, Aadhar registration, PAN card, voting and various other services are being provided by a service center. common. Know the details here.

What is eligibility and other requirements?

Learn about eligibility, educational qualification, age limit, and other requirements here.

Apply for PAN through CSC – We can also apply for the PAN and Aadhar card and other services. Learn how to apply for PAN through CSC.

VLE registration – If you already have a CSC Center, you can register on the CSC portal. Learn about the registration process here.

How to start a Common Service Center (CSC)

Common Service Center (CSC) registration process and creation of a new CSC in your area and online status verification – Anyone wishing to open the Common Service Center and meeting the eligibility requirements can apply online . The application procedure for setting up the CSC is as follows:

Open the CSC portal, i.e.

On the left side of the page, click Interested in Becoming a CSC.

Enter the link for CSC registration, press here.

Enter the Aadhar number in the required box.

Then choose the IRIS / Finger Print / One Time Password authentication option. Click on “Continue”.

The candidate must go through the OTP process.

Click Generate OTP.

(Applicant’s personal information will be automatically filled from Aadhar database. Applicant needs to fill in other details. Mobile data and email id will be taken from Aadhar card, they will not be able to be modified until the change is made in Aadhar.)

Download the geolocated image of the centers.

Click on the SUBMIT option.

When submitting the request, the acknowledgment number will be sent to the requester.

Track registration / application status –

Open the link i.e

Enter email, registration ID and Aadhaar number in the required boxes.

Click the SEND option.

Starting a CSC Eligibility and Requirements: If you want to start a CSC (Common Service Center) in your region, you must be eligible to participate in the CSC program. If you are eligible, you must also have the necessary infrastructure. Details such as eligibility, educational qualifications, age limit and required infrastructure can be found on this page.

This website also provides important information on CSC (Common Service Centers).

Eligibility to participate in the CSC program

The criteria for participating in Common Service Services are as follows:

The person you want should be a local person.

Age – The applicant must have reached the age of 18.

Qualification – The person should preferably have passed the matriculation test or an equivalent test from a recognized board member.

Other requirements – The applicant should be able to read and write the national language fluently.

Should have basic knowledge of English and computer skills.

Infrastructure required to start a CSC center

If you want to start a CSC (Common Service Center) near you, you must be eligible to participate in the CSC program. If you are eligible, you will need the required infrastructure listed here.

The Common Service Center Scheme was formulated by the government to deliver e-services to citizens by creating a common center under the Digital India program. The government plans to set up 1,00,000 (One Lac) CSCs across India. Eligible persons can start CSC by contacting the Service Center Agency (SCA) of the relevant area. The prerequisite for starting a CSC is:

The required CSC infrastructure must be in place

Room / building with space of 100-150 sqm Ft.

Two PCs with UPS with 5 hours backup power supply or portable generator. PC with a licensed operating system of Windows XP-SP2 or higher.

Two printers. (Inkjet + Dot Matrix)

RAM with a minimum storage capacity of 512 MB

Hard drive with at least 120 GB

Digital camera / webcam

Wired / wireless / V-SAT connectivity

Biometric / IRIS authentication scanner for banking services.

CD / DVD drive

The total estimated cost per CSC is 1.25 to 1.50 lacs (excluding land and buildings).

How to register a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) on the CSC portal – CSC is assigned to a person named Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE). CSC is operated by Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE).

For this it is important to register on the official portal. The registration procedure is given below as follows:

log into the official portal, i. H.

At the top of the page, click the Login Tab.

Click on “CSC Connect”.

A new page opens where the VLE must enter the CSC ID and password.

After authentication, a registration page will open where the required data such as name, address, CSC location, etc. must be entered.

Click Submit Option.

After submitting the details, he will receive the e-mail and SMS to check the mail ID and mobile phone number.

To verify, click on the link provided in the email and enter the CSC ID/Password and Activation Code sent by message on your mobile phone.

After entering all the information, click Submit Option.

The confirmation email for successful registration will be sent to the VLE.