How to Apply for Jan Sewa Kendra in Uttar Pradesh

The Uttar Pradesh-CSC Common Service Center department offers new opportunities for unemployed and young people in the state. They can now become VLE, also known as Village Level Entrepreneur. Now you can also set up your own Jan Sewa Kendra or Common Service Center-CSC, regardless of where you live in rural or urban area.

The official UP CSC website is designed and developed by Vayam Technologies Ltd. The official website is available on the link page This website has provided various types of facilities for citizens and owners of Jan Sewa Kendra. The portal is integrated with the connection gateway for entrepreneurs at the village level so that they can use various services which are exclusively provided to them by the UP government. Along with these services, if a person wants to become VLE,   in this case, they can also register through the website and also can read the user manual on the portal before registration. This website is launched as part of the National E-Governance Plan (NeGP) by the central government which has the main objective of giving all types of government services the amount of money.

List of documents required for registration:

Interested citizens who wish to become entrepreneurs at the village level and who wish to open their Jan Sewa Kendra should have to collect documents before submitting their application online. When registering online, you must attach all online documents in a given section of the website. Review the checklist of required attachments that you should organize before submitting the application form.

A final passport-size photo of the applicant which must be attached to the registration form.

An electronic copy of the panoramic map is also required.

Also keep the scanned copy of your voter ID card on your computer.

You should also keep a copy of your aadhaar card UID.

In the registration form, you must also attach proof of address such as certificate of residence, driver’s license, ration card or any other document issued by the state government. NOTE: You must collect all documents mentioned in the scanned copy. Applicants are encouraged to keep these documents in electronic form on their computer in JPG or PNG format. Also, your attachments do not take more than 50KB to 200KB.

How to Apply for Jan Sewa Kendra in Uttar Pradesh
How to Apply for Jan Sewa Kendra in Uttar Pradesh

Registration of the new Jan Sewa Kendra at UP:

After you have organized all the documents, you can now proceed to the online registration section on the official UPCSC website. We suggest that you go through all the steps mentioned in this section one by one and submit your application to become VLE in your city (urban area) or village (rural area).

First step:

First of all, go to the official website of UPCSC in the link page in which the right side you can see the option “Request new CSC” in red color. See the image and the link to the portal below.

Official UPCSC Website =>

Second step:

After visiting the official website and clicking on the option as mentioned, you can see the new registration section page. In this new page on your computer screen, you can see two options are given like “Apply for Rural Area” and “Apply for Urban Area”. You should now select your zone option. If you live in the village, click on the first option, but if you live in the city, click on the section option. Go to the link below for area selection and check the image.

UPCSC Registration =>

Third step:

Now after selecting the area on the next page, you can see the registration form. You need to fill this entire form very carefully with all the information required as per the form. You must give the following details on this page. Also check the demo image in this section.

First, give details to the requester.

In the second section, fill in the details of the candidate’s educational qualification.

In the third section, provide details about permanent residence.

Now then fill in the details of where you want to open Jan Sewa Kendra.

At the end you have to click on the declaration section.


Please submit the form by filling in the block, district and other information in the urban area (submit the form by filling in the blocks, neighborhoods and other information in the urban area) and filling in blocks, gram panchayats and other information in the rural area In Block, Gram Panchayat and other information, submit the form).

You must fill in the 10 digits of the valid mobile number (10 digits of the valid mobile number) in order to receive the One Time Password-OTP (one-time password). Also fill in the valid email address (valid email address) in the request form to receive all updates.

After filling out the complete application form, you need to make payment in online mode (pay in online mode). Your application form will not be acceptable until the ministry receives the fee amount.

In the last one, we suggest that you take the printing of the payment receipt and the acknowledgment of receipt (printing of the payment receipt and the acknowledgment of receipt) of your registration form. You can use these two receipt numbers to check the status of your request.

After complete registration, the person from the ministry will come to your home for verification (the person from the ministry will come to your home for verification). The official person will also check your space and the facilities available to you for the citizens of your center (your location and the facilities that are intended for the citizens of your center). Once the documents and infrastructure verification license are provided to you (documents and infrastructure will be provided after verification license) to become owner of Jan Sewa Kendra and you can start providing facilities to citizens.

If the registration page of the UPCSC website does not work, you can also call up the page link given below (if the registration page of the UPCSC website does not work, you can also call up the page link below). This website is provided by the central government under the link

Alternative Jan Sewa Kendra Registration Form =>

UPCSC service contact details for any help

We have provided all the information here for registration, documents, fees / investments and infrastructure but if you still need help you will suggest contacting only the person in the department. Do not accept any help from the unofficial person they may ask you for money. Here we provide you with the list of all district CSC project managers in the link below. All manager phone numbers and email addresses are listed on this page and you can send your mail or call them in working days/hours.

UP-CSC Vibhag Managers Contact Numbers =>

For help with payment or more information, you can contact a shared service center operator or contact the toll-free number or hotline number at “1800-120-6319”, which is Monday through Friday only available from 9:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. You can also send a direct mailing to the department at the e-mail address “[email protected]”. Apart from these, if you would like phone support, suggestion or advice, our team is available online 24/7. Submit your question in the comments section below or in the Team section. ‘Helpline. We will answer you as soon as possible.