What is Domain Name? Types of domain name and domain extensions

What is Domain Name? What is Domain Name?

Today, every business required to create their own online presence. The first important way to create a huge online presence is to create a website. A website can make a man a brand.

 Creating a website currently requires a domain and a hosting service. If you don’t know what a domain name is and what type it is, keep reading this article.

The Friends domain is the web address of your website. This admits individuals to chat your website.

Like some popular web addresses.


Youtube.com, etc.

Each such website has its own unique web address.

For example

Basically, you can think of a domain name as a house plot. As we build a house on a plot. Similarly, a website is built on top of an Internet domain. I think you already need to understand what a domain name is?

Types of domain extensions

Any extension will be written after the domain. (Dot), we call it a domain extension. Like-





The most popular domain extension right now is .Com. With which most websites are created. You’ve also noticed that more and more websites are built on .com.

Domain types

Domain names are basically divided into 4 parts. That is,

  • Top-level domain
  • Second level domain
  • Third-level domain
  • Subdomain

   Tell us all of these domain types individually.

Top-level domain

Top-level domains are given the highest value in DNS. They are considered the best, among all the web developers, they are favored the most. Top-level domains are later divided into three parts.

ccTLD (country code top level domain)

gTLD (General Top Level Domain)

Internationalized country code top-level domains (IDN ccTLD)

1. ccTLD (country code top level domain)

The top-level domain of the country code has been created to target your own country. Mostly, these domain extensions are only 2-3 characters long. For example

1. (India)

2. United States (United States)

3. .uk (United Kingdom)

To purchase these types of domains, we must follow the policies of those provinces. Whose country extension are we buying.

2. gTLD (generic top level domain)

A generic top-level domain is a domain that represents the word, and with this domain we can target the entire world.

Examples of gTLDs

Com (company)

.Org (organization)

.Net (network)

.Du (education)

Gov (government)

3. IDN ccTLD – (Internationalized Top Level Domains)

Read this section very carefully as it is a very interesting section. These domains are like the ccTLD domain ki, but are encoded in another language.

For example, the Indian ccTLD domain is .in. You are its IDN ccTLD domain .India. Likewise, these domains are in the national language of the country.

Second level domain

A combination of two domain extensions is called a second-level domain. For example, an organization uses a .Org domain and a .In domain is used to display an Indian website.

In the same way, if I combine these two extensions, I get

.Org + .in = .org.in

So .Org.in is a second-level domain that consists of two top-level domain extensions. If you look at it carefully, it also matters.

  As K.Org means, an organization. Means India. If we combine the two, we get .Org.in. Which means an Indian organization.

Subdomain |

For example



Hi, on this domain which is en. They are examples of all subdomains. You can say that the domain name that is created by typing. (Dot) and some words in front of the domain are called subdomains.

  Note: If you have a domain, you can create an unlimited number of subdomains from it.

Bonus information

I would like to tell you that the full details of your domain can be found at whois.com. Such as name, communication address, mobile no, etc.

  If you do not want to list your information in the Whois database, you can protect your privacy by making your information private from WhoisGuard.

How to choose a good domain name

It may be if you are a company or want to create a brand, a good domain name can give your business a J-curve. A domain allows you to gain control of blogging.

The better the domain name, the more the clickthrough rate will increase in search engines, if people are able to remember it, also direct traffic will increase.

You can say that

 A domain name is a plant on the Internet, the more you irrigate it, the better it will bear fruit.

I will write below some points that you need to keep in mind before buying a domain name.

1 Make it like a sign

You need to make your domain look like that whenever someone listens to it, they feel like it’s a brand. Listen clearly on your domain and type it out of the port to open your website.

To do this, you should not use hyphens and numbers in your domain. You can create catchy words to create uniqueness in your domain.

Flipkart.com, for example, is an amazing domain name. But you’ve never noticed that typos in the shopping carts for this domain are incorrect. Why do you think this was done?

The answer is to make it a contagious domain name. You can also do the same for your domain.

2. Shorter is better

You will never make your domain larger than 13-15 characters. Because the shorter the domain, the more it helps to write and share your visitors.

3. Think Copy to other bloggers

I have seen many bloggers. People who get domain registrations for popular blogs are changing a bit.

Just as my domain is internetjankari.com, some such domains are created, onlineinternetkijankari.com, internetkijankari.com, etc. They benefit less and I benefit more. You also don’t have to make that kind of mistake.

What is WhoisGuard and how does it work?

I don’t know how many times you’ve thought about how spammers get your private information. But do you know that all this information is received only because of your small mistakes.

Buying Whois Guard for a domain is also one of the mistakes. If you don’t know what WhoisGuard is and how it works, you can read this post constantly.

Before you know Whois Guard, you need to know what this Whois problem is?

What is Whois?

Friends Whois is a public database where domain registrar information is created. Now you have in mind the question of who got your private information from where

Whois gets all this information from your domain registrar. You will need to display your information on Whois as it is part of their accreditation agreement.

What is WhoisGuard?

WhoisGuard is a service whose private information for your domain was entered when registering the domain, such as Name, Phone Number. Etc helps to hide information from the Whois database. 4

How does WhoisGuard work?

The WhoisGuard concept is quite simple and straightforward. Whenever you purchase WhoisGuard, your domain registrar will provide you with information about the awakening of your personal information, which will keep your privacy intact.

Benefits of using WhoisGuard

1. Privacy Policy

Today, privacy is the biggest gem. If your private information is leaking somewhere, you are having a lot of problems. Because you start getting a lot of spam and text messages every day. You can also blackmail based on your private information.

As I told you, purchasing WhoisGuard reduces your private information, which increases your level of protection.


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