Yoga Types and Yoga benefits | Physical and mental benefits of yoga

yoga and its benifits 2020

Yoga is a very safe type of practice that can be practiced by anyone anytime it can even be done by children and old aged people to take all its benefits. Yoga is a type of practice which performed to maintain a balanced body and need to get control over diet, breathing, and physical posture. Earlier people belong to ‘Buddhism,’ and ‘Hinduism’ was used to of Yoga and Meditation. It was originated in India, and the word Yoga is initially originated from the ‘Sanskrit’ language, which has two different meanings one is ‘Union,’ and another one is ‘Discipline.’ Practicing Yoga daily teaches us uniting or connecting both Physically (Body) and Mentally (Mind). It is practiced early morning for being close to nature. It is practiced by Hindu`s, Buddha`s & Jain`s in the Early period, and they found it a fantastic type of exercise that makes life better by controlling mind & body.Yoga is a Science of living a healthier life & for long life.And many facts also show that yoga works as medicine & can gradually treat almost every disease.It helps to make any non-functional body part of getting again functional, which is a massive buff for our Modern Medical Science. It is a practice that includes controlled body parts and breath.It also strengthens the inner and outer bodies by connecting them to nature. And it cannot be said as a physical practice, but it helps humans to get control over mental, emotional & spiritual thoughts.

It requires only controlled slow & safe movements of the body with normal and controlled breathing. To make people aware of yoga and its benefits all over the world, an International level event suggested by P.M. of India Narendra Modi & has been declared by United Nations General Assembly to celebrate it annually on 21st June and called International Yoga Day.From the last few years, it became a popular form of exercise all over the world, but our Indian community had almost forgotten it.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

Still, then a Swami named Baba Ramdev Introduce it again in India & many other countries. It also helps a person to get higher consciousness by gaining control over the Physical (Body) and Mental (Brain) movement.
It can cure many fatal & worst diseases, including Cancer, Diabetes, High or Low Blood Pressure, Heart Alignment, Kidney and Liver Disorders, and a variety of mental and physical problems.It is slowly taking the place of medicines consumed by people daily, which has a profound effect on the number of unhealthy people, which is gradually decreasing day by day.Because of introducing yoga as similar to other activities, most of the school and organization have a separate class of Yoga and some other physical activities. Yoga helps to sharpen the mind and improves intelligence and helps in a high level of concentration by steading the feeling & emotions, which is most disturbing in the human brain.Health Benefits Within: From lowering blood pressure to increasing pain tolerance, the following health benefits can all be discovered within the body.

1. Blood pressure. Yoga controls the blood circulation and oxygenation to the body. It posses a positive impact on your mind and body.

 2. Pulse rate. While Regularly practicing yoga can controls a lower pulse rate. It can make your heart strong enough to pump blood with fewer beats.

3. Circulation. Yoga improves blood circulation. Yoga helps to carry vitamins and supplements to boost your body’s circulation by leading healthy lifestyle.

4. Respiratory. Yoga helps in keeping your lungs healthy and strong by improving your breathing.The daily practice of yoga can help in strengthening the muscles of the chest and improves the oxygen level to the lungs.

5. Cardiovascular endurance. Yoga helps to relax blood vessels and that can lower the blood pressure and increases the overall feeling of relaxation.

6. Organs. Practising yoga  improves the health of internal organs like heart, liver and lungs. It improve the ability of the body to prevent from disease. 

7. Gastrointestinal.Yoga supports good circulation to the digestive organs, strengthens the muscules around the digestive organs and eliminates the stomach problems. 

8. Immunity. Yoga is one of the most effective natural immunity boosters,  decrease inflammation in the body and reduce stress.

9. Pain.  Yoga is a set of exercises that improve strength and flexibility of the body. It has a powerful impact on pain tolerance and the instances of chronic pain, such as back pain are gets eliminated through yoga.

10. Metabolism. yoga regulates your metabolism. Metabolism is the process where your body converts food into energy. Yoga helps  in maintaining a healthy weight by doing physical exercises

There are many benefits that can actually be experienced from without the body. 

1. Aging. 

2. Improves your flexibility

3. Perfects your posture

4. Builds muscle strength. 

5. Betters your bone health

6. Drains your lymph and boosts immunity

7. Increases your blood flow

8. Ups your heart rate

9. Drops your blood pressure

10. Regulates your adrenal glands

11. Lowers blood sugar

12. Increase Energy. 

13. Aids in Weight Loss. 

14. Helps you sleep deeper

15. Improves your balance

16. Improves Core strength. 

17. Sexuality. 

18. Mood. 

19. Releases tension in your limbs 

20. Stress Reduction. 

21. Anxiety. 

22. Depression. 

23. Increases your self-esteem 

24. Gives you inner strength

25. Encourages Self-acceptance and Self-control.

26. Mind-body connection. 

27. Positive outlook on life. 

28. Hostility. 

29. Concentration. 

30. Memory. 

31. Attention. 

32. Calmness. 

33. Keeps allergies and viruses at bay

If we took a look at ancient yoga almost a thousand years ago.
The first Yogi was named Shiva and is the first Guru too.
As the Sun was the most important in ancient times (Vedic Period), which later on came in the form of Surya Namaskar, which is the best session containing twelve yoga poses and helps to stretch up the whole body increasing blood flow in every part of the body.
Some say this as a full-body stretch.

Yoga Types

Yoga is classified in Four Parts which are:

  5. YOGA


It is also known as Discipline of Actions of the western culture this form is one of the four essential pathways of yoga. This teaches us to perform one’s duty without getting attached or in the greed of any reward by doing selfless activities and responsibilities.
This is the main lesson that is being taught to Karma Yogis. It is for those who seek the spiritual path and union with God.
It can also be practiced in our routine by helping others without expecting any reward.
A life of any individual is governed by his Karma cycle as if a person having good thoughts, right actions, and kind words will probably lead to having a happy & beautiful life whereas a person having evil ideas, evil effects, and bad words will likely lead to an unhappy and challenging experience.
And doing any work in greed leads to problems like high stress, depression, and mental illness.


It is also known as Wisdom Yoga. It is a challenging and complicated path among all.
It teaches a person to merge with inner him by practicing various mental techniques by meditation into the deep conscious mind and conducting self-questioning sessions.
This path teaches to steady the mind & emotions by focusing on six fundamental virtues – calmness, control, and sacrifices, tolerance, faith, & focus.
It is advised to practice Jnana Yoga under the guidance of a competent guru to achieve their goals in life.

3. BHAKTI YOGA: – It is also known as Spiritual or Devotional Yoga. It is associated with divine love as it is the most significant pathway to spiritual enlightenment through love and devotion.
In this path, an individual sees God as praise or bhajans and engaging in worship & Rituals.
It is the easiest & most popular one. It leads to purification of heart & mind. It is developing compassionate feelings and focusing on purifying the inner self.

4. KRIYA YOGA: – It is the physical practice in which several body postures are performed through meditation techniques of energy and breathe control.
In this development of body, mind & soul takes place. By practicing this yoga system, the entire human body can be energized in a short period.

conclusion :

The blood absorbs a high amount of oxygen. This enhances the working capacity of the brain, and memory becomes sharp, and a person does not get tired quickly.And the conclusion for this is that every teacher should teach a perfect combination of basic yoga poses for each seeker or learner.And from ancient times, it is advised to learn yoga under any yoga guru is the best. And we all should do yoga everyday early morning to get a healthy and fit body and should encourage others.